Chalkboard- Magnetic (Made in America)

Magnetic Chalkboard

Chalkboards that are handcrafted (built from scratch) are some of the other things that Just Fine Tables does for fun and profit. We like challenges …and certainly we get a number of “Honey!- Can you build this or that?” that prompts many of our new activities.

The magnetic chalkboard above was built about 3 years ago and was certainly functional. However, we decided to add a little decoration (the Applique at the top) and also repaint the chalkboard for better use.

You can find the Magnetic Chalkboard at Encore Resales in Pelham AL… plus many other items from Just Fine Tables and other vendors who consign at the store. Please know that shopping or just cruising the store is an experience and also know that YOU CANNOT see everything in just one visit.

Got to go for now! I’m finishing another Southern Living Magazine replica picture item and some other things (just finished building a 6 ft Farm Table, for example.) Later….

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