A Hickory Plank Trestle Hand Crafted Farm Table with a Black Distressed Base is complete and is currently available to you at ENCORE RESALES Consignment Furniture Store.  It is shown here.

“Old Hickory” Trestle Farm Table — Seating Six Easily-



A Trestle Table has been on our minds to build for a long time.  We have had the base parts for a trestle table sitting in our shop for well over a year.  My partner, J’s-AVE, found a complete trestle table and we took the top off and used it as the top of a kitchen island.  As mentioned, we held the trestle base back for an alternate project which you now see.

The hickory planks used for the hand built table top have been in our shop for about six months.  When we found them at Hardwoods, Inc., we just had to have them.  They were beautiful with the grain and heart section of the hickory trees from which they were cut.  We were just waiting for what we would do with them… and finally we decided to match them with the trestle base we had.

FYI- We named the table “OLD HICKORY” as the top is 100% hickory and because we are originally from Tennessee where Andrew Jackson (aka ‘Old Hickory’), our 7th US President lived.

Hope you enjoy the Hickory Trestle Based Farm Table.  Please know that we will be creating additional tables and refinishing and re-purposing additional furniture pieces for the greater Birmingham AL furniture market after we return to Alabama.

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