Refinished Furniture ( Pedestal Table & Armoire Chest )

 In addition to Hand Building Custom Farm / Farmhouse Tables, Just Fine Tables Refinishes and Up-Styles Furniture Pieces needing a little TLC (i.e. Tender Loving Care) to make them more enjoyable.  To that end, we recently found an attractive Oval Pedestal Table and a Small Armoire Chest needing some updating attention.

The Oval Pedestal Table was one of those from SE Asia (i.e. Malaysia, China, Vietnam) with the simple and typical ‘natural color’ finish. When we found the pedestal table it was obvious that the table’s former owner had decided that the ‘natural finish’ wasn’t personal enough for their tastes. They had added paint spots, chewing gum, a couple of spider webs, and some storage moldy crap to “enhance” the table’s finish.

#### As we were not overly crazy about the former owner ‘enhancing additions’; …we sterilized the table, stripped the top, and sanded the table from top to bottom. We then applied our magic distressing technique to the top, stained it, and applied two coats of polyurethane as the final finish. For the apron and base, we primed, painted, and lightly distressed them for today’s look. … and VOILA’!




Hope you like our modifications.  NOTE: The table is currently displayed in Booth 47 / 469 at ENCORE RESALES until it finds a new owner who appreciates dining on a solid wood pedestal table that will last for many fine family meals.

And like the Oval Pedestal Table, Just Fine Tables Refinished and Updated a Small ARMOIRE / CHEST we found at a thrift store.  The Armoire Chest was solid wood and was in fair condition with some exceptions.

The exceptions were… that someone had apparently spilled a very dark staining substance on one corner of the chest, there wasn’t a clothes hanging bar in the closet part, and the base ‘feet’ had obviously been sitting in some water as there was some significant water staining and bulging of the wood there. (p.s. All five drawers of the chest were in near perfect condition with no paint, lipstick, gum, perfume, or other contaminant found, except for some expected dust and a paper clip or two.) (p.s.s. In other chests, we have found such things as … live 22 caliber bullets [twice], many photos, an old Errol Flynn movie brochure [Yeah!], a full set of Elk Horn knives [Yeah!], etc. also)

#### To rectify these issues, we cleaned everything from top to bottom, applied a stain blocker to the stained area, sanded everything as needed, built a clothes hangar bar, repaired the water damaged area of the base, and then primed and painted the armoire chest to a lightly distressed medium gray… hoping that this would enhance the interest in the chest by either a man or a woman. …. and VOILA! again


SMALL ARMOIRE CHEST w/ 5 Drawers and Closet

SMALL ARMOIRE CHEST w/ 5 Drawers and Closet

The Armoire Chest as shown was displayed in Booth 47 / 469 at ENCORE RESALES. It has found a new owner who felt the chest would be perfect for their small apartment.

Got to go. Must apply the polyurethane finish to the Two (2) Matching Benches to the Farm Table shown in our previous post (i.e. the 54″ Square Farmhouse Table) …and must get started building a Hutch Base and a Kitchen Island.

TILL THEN…. remember why America became Independent this 4th of July Weekendand Why AMERICA should Hold Fast in Keeping our Independent Freedoms!!.

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