Mentioned in our previous post, we showed a picture of a Wine Bar Buffet Table in the process of being built. Now, the Customer Specified Wine Bar Buffet Table is complete and is sitting in its new home, ready to have wine bottles added to fill the dual-temp refrigerator wine cooler and the seven wine racks.  As you can see, there is also a slot for a basket to store items.


CUSTOM WINE BAR-BUFFET TABLE (Approx. 23" x 36"x 36")

CUSTOM WINE BAR-BUFFET TABLE (Approx. 23″ x 36″x 36″)



The customer and his family, being new residents of the greater Birmingham area and having a new home, found a unique sized cubby hole in a short wall in their new home. Being wine connoisseurs, they realized that this wall indention would be perfect for a wine cooler, especially if they could have a wine bar wrap around the cooler. They found a likely wine cooler they liked that would work perfectly in the spot in a wine bar and provided dimensions of the needed wine bar for the construction to Just Fine Tables. As you can see in the picture above; their selection of a wine cooler refrigerator worked perfectly into the wine bar for the connoisseurs.


FYI: For reference, Just Fine Tables has had any number of special requests for unique furniture pieces since we have been building tables. We have had requests for other special wine bars… that would have additional built-in shelves, some for baskets, some for cheese trays, etc. We have even built a Custom Heavily Distressed Thick Pine Top Shelf to be fixed on top of a group of cabinets to create a beautiful TV console with lots of storage (the top was nine (9′) feet long).
We have also received specific requests for kitchen islands, such as the one shown below. The customer sized this one by taping off her kitchen floor to know the exact size she wanted. And, she was very specific in that she wanted the kitchen island to be built such that her expensive pots and pans would hang under the island and be easily accessible. (Note the color scheme and the materials of construction of the island; it’s very similar to the Christmas Farm Table with Matching Benches shown in our previous post.)

CUSTOM KITCHEN ISLAND Built To Customer Requests:

CUSTOM KITCHEN ISLAND (Approx: 24" x 48" x 36")

CUSTOM KITCHEN ISLAND (Approx: 24″ x 48″ x 36″)  Obviously An “ALABAMA FAN”!

It’s amazing.  Just Fine Tables has a request to build another kitchen island just like this one for a lady in Boston, MA.  No kidding.  … Currently trying to determine what the freight would be to ship one of these to Boston.  If reasonable, we might just build this and ship to Boston.

OTHER:  Many of Just Fine Tables’ Fun Furniture/Table Offerings can be found at ENCORE RESALES, Pelham, AL.  Of course, please know that the items find new homes fairly quickly…as we wish them to do.  We love making our customers happy.

Do You Have A Special Request? Just Fine Tables might be able to help with your request(s).  Feel free to contact us.  CONTACT INFO at Top of Page/Header.

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