Just Fine Tables built a Custom Farm Table for a customer who wanted to replace their existing table that had been dealt a few nicks and scrapes over the years causing it to become less and less attractive.  They had decided a stronger table, with style and beauty would be their best alternative for their home with all the family activities planned for the foreseeable future.
To fulfill their future needs, this Custom Hand Crafted Farm Table was built for the family.



“” OK, OK…Yes, this Post is supposed to be about a Refinished Dining Table, isn’t it?  Well, …….here is the rest of the story.

When the Custom Farm Table was delivered to the customer we learned they were planning to give their existing dining table away as they would not use it any longer. And since this was the case, we offered that we would be happy to take it away as our truck was just outside.  They agreed. ( This was early August 2014.)

We had no real idea about what we would do with the table when we brought it back to our shop, but knew we would come up with something.  So, ultimately…. we decided to refinish the table with the expectation that it would make a great family table for someone else to enjoy.  And…. here it is.


OVAL FINE DINING TABLE w/ LEAF (44" x 68" -86" Leaf)

OVAL FINE DINING TABLE w/ LEAF ( 44″ x 68″ -86″ Leaf )

As you can see in the picture, the Fine Dining Table is staged being 44 inches wide and 68 inches long.  Do know, there is a Matching 18″ Leaf that fits perfectly extending the table to a full 86 inches if desired.

To refinish the table, it was stained with a combination of Just Fine Tables’ Proprietary Kitchen Sink stain, Dark Walnut stain, and some Ebony Stain.  The combination was needed to repair and/or hide some imperfections found in the underlying veneer top.  The table was final finished with three (3) coats of ‘Minwax’ Helmsman Satin Spar Urethane to provide protection from sunlight, moisture, and temperature changes.   With this finish, this fine dining table should look great for years to come.

The Refinished Oval Fine Dining Table can be seen in Booth 47 / 469 at Encore Resales, Pelham, AL.
Should you have an opportunity to visit Encore Resales, please find the Booth that looks a lot like this…

BOOTH 47 / 469 -ENCORE RESALES (5.24.15)

BOOTH 47 / 469 -ENCORE RESALES (5.24.15)

 As this is MEMORIAL DAY, Please Remember Our Service Members Who Have Given Their All… For Love Of Our Country and Its Freedoms.




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