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Since relocating from Alabama to our Tennessee Farm Home, Just Fine Tables has had the opportunity to be contacted by local Tennessee folks to learn if we could possibly build them a specialty farm table for their homes.  The first was last November when a lady found us on our website and saw a square farmhouse farm  table with two benches we had made for a family who lives a few miles north of Montgomery, AL (i.e. CUSTOM SQUARE FARMHOUSE FARM TABLE W/ MATCHING BENCHES).

However, this new Tennessee prospective customer wanted a larger square table for their new home and is shown here (December 2015).  Later, the new customer asked to have a single matching bench built to go with the farm table and its new surrounding chairs.  This was March of this year when we completed the bench.  ( Note:  Just Fine Tables now has a request to build the family a matching wine bar buffet table.  Love those repeat customers!)

And now … info regarding the opening picture … Just Fine Tables has had the opportunity to build a truly specialized farmhouse farm table for a family in Dyersburg, TN.  The lady of the house found our website by surfing the web and saw some of the tables shown in the links above.  She sent me an email and asked if I could build her a large farm table to be 42″ wide and 90″ long and to use classic big 5″ farm table legs.  Realizing that this lady wanted something very special, I replied to her email and asked that she call to discuss.  She did and followed our discussion with an email including some pictures and links of what she wanted to match, or that she thought would blend well with her other furniture and new dining area.   … Just Fine Tables took her request and after a couple of days was able to give her a price for her new table should she desire that we build it for her.  Well…  obviously, we did.

Since the customer of this latest Farmhouse Farm Table had a number of requests, I thought it might be beneficial for you to have a feel for what is involved with custom built tables should you or someone you know want a custom built handmade table.

The list of wants for the above specialty farmhouse farm table were:  1.  As mentioned, the size needed to be 42″ x 90″ and that the legs needed to be classic 5″ turned farm table legs.  2.  That the table needed to be a hardwood and the finish so that the children of the house could not destroy the table immediately (we build them so that in the worse case, they can be stripped and redone to last a lifetime + ).   3.  Her husband wanted the table to have thick top to be both strong and look appropriate for their large house.  4.  She wanted the top to look similar in appearance to the top of this coffee table-

Farm Table Top To Look Similar to this Coffee Table Top

Farm Table Top To Look Similar to this Coffee Table Top

and 5.  She wanted the table legs to be distressed to semi-match some expensive Hooker chairs she wanted to use.

Hooker Furniture Arm Chair

Hooker Furniture Arm Chair

In order to accomplish the customer’s desires…. we did the following:

  1. Bought 1.5″ thick rough cut maple lumber and after cutting to near lengths (always a little longer), spent a day planing the lumber down for a smooth top.
  2. Bought 5″ husky farm table legs in maple from Osborne Wood Products Co.
  3. Did a lot of color match tests..Color Matching

4. After staining and painting the table legs .. hangar bolts had to be installed (this is tough to get right) so the legs fit well with the leg attachment braces inside the table.

Hanger Bolt Installation

Hanger Bolt Installation

And then …after a lot of sanding, staining, final finishing a couple or three times and delivery of the table to the customer… you have a happy customer.



p.s.  Yes, this is a very heavy table.  Luckily, we have some strong young men in the neighborhood who likes to make a little extra spending money.



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  1. stacy smith says:

    I love this table. I have been looking for months. I would like a quote on the same exact table and 1 bench. I have the chairs.
    42 wide, 63 inches long, 30 inches high
    shipping, tuscumbia al 35674

    • tables says:

      Hi Stacy,

      A 63″ long table with matching bench like that would sell for about $1800.00.
      (FYI: the table you saw in the blog post is 90″ long and has big 5″ legs)

      Hope this helps.

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