Wood Planks Used for Farm Table, Kitchen Island, and Wine Bar – Buffet Table Tops

Lots of folks have been asking what different kinds of wood looks like and what the wood might look like finished on Farm Tables, Kitchen Islands, and Wine Bar – Buffet Tables.

This has been a recurring question by many people, especially for one potential customer who has been particularly curious to ensure that the table and island wanted built to be..like Just Perfect, or as perfect as realistically possible.

So, because of all the interest in wood types and their looks on farm tables, kitchen islands, and wine bar-buffet tables and the like I have put together a Photobucket link for folks to view different types of wood and what they look like finished from some of the tables built by Just Fine Tables.

Here is the link for different wood types, etc.: http://photobucket.com/woodplanktops

Other folks have asked about refinishing tables and other ideas. If you are one of those great folks, you might find the next link which shows some refinished tables and some hand built tables valuable. Click on this link if interested. http://photobucket.com/refinishedtables

Hope this post helps All with their selection of wood for their Farm Tables, Kitchen Islands, and Wine Bar-Buffet Table needs.

p.s. Except for the customer custom built tables shown in the links above,.. the others have gone to new homes through our friend’s consignment store, Encore Resales.

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