Kitchen Island – Custom Handbuilt “Made-In-America” Kitchen Island

Just completed another Custom Hand Built “Made-In-America” Kitchen Island for a new customer who had seen my ‘Southern Living Island’ earlier on this website.

This new Kitchen Island is smaller, approx: 34″ x 48″, and has a black base instead of the whitish base found on the original ‘Southern Living’ version.

You will find below a picture of the new smaller kitchen island:

KITCHEN ISLAND - 34" x 48" RUSTIC TOP with Black Base

Should you like one of these, or one of our Hand built Farm Tables or Wine Bar / Buffet Tables, Feel Free To Contact Just Fine Tables — by phone: (205) 669-1988 and/or email:… or Ask Around at ENCORE RESALES, Pelham, AL and the great folks there will direct you to us.

Till then, “Have a Great Day!” and Remember the Sacrifices of so many 10 Years ago that resulted in our way of life changing forever. KNOW THAT AMERICA WILL PREVAIL!!

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