Child’s Table at Encore, Refinished Trestle Table and Country Table Soon

A refinished and upgraded Child’s Table & Chair was delivered to ENCORE RESALES CONSIGNMENT Store this morning.

Tomorrow, barring no unforeseen problems, there will be a Refinished TRESTLE TABLE and… a Made-in-America Hand built Country Farm Table w/ six (6) chairs delivered to Encore for sale.

You will need to visit Encore Resales to see the Child’s Table & Chair as it went out without Just Fine Tables or J’s – AVE having taken a decent picture of it. Perhaps Encore Resales will put it up on their website later today.

Here is the TRESTLE TABLE in the final stages of refinishing:

40" x 62" Refinished TRESTLE TABLE


33" x 64" HAND BUILT "Made-In-America" COUNTRY FARM TABLE

Enjoy the pictures and find them tomorrow at ENCORE RESALES Consignment Store (barring no unforeseen problems).

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