Multiple Wine Bar – Buffet Tables Are The 1st Offerings from Calera, AL

Multiple Wine Bar – Buffet Tables Are The 1st Offerings from Calera, AL., “The New Home of JUST FINE TABLES”.

We are back at work building tables and refinishing furniture since our move from Lay Lake to our new operation in Calera, AL.  The physical move was tough and the mental move was even tougher. Having to keep up with what went where, or where do I put this for now was a real pain (actually it still is a real pain duhh..).

Anyway, we came back with three (3) new Wine Bar – Buffet Tables as our 1st offerings from our new location in Calera, AL.  The three offerings included one previously ordered Buffet Table and two (2) spec Wine Bar – Buffet Tables.  All the tables were built with at least one unique difference from our previous and similar handmade, Made-in-America tables.

Table #1 – Ordered distressed OAK TOP Buffet Table with solid lower shelf.

Distressed OAK TOP Buffet Table with Solid Lower Shelf

Table #2 – GRANITE TOP Wine Bar – Buffet Table

GRANITE TOP Wine Bar - Buffet Table

Table #3 – Single Plank HARDWOOD TOP Wine Bar – Buffet Table

Single Plank HARDWOOD TOP Wine Bar - Buffet Table

We had to build table #3 when we saw this wide piece of hardwood standing against the wall at our primary hardwood supplier, Hardwoods Inc. located near the Shelby County Airport.  Address: Hardwoods Inc. of Alabama LLC, 180 Airview Lane, Alabaster, AL 35007-4834, phone: (205) 664-0224.

When we saw the plank standing there, we just could not help ourselves. We had to get it. The plank with its unique and beautiful grain structure …with the added bonus of the knot hole was just too much. We had to have it and we didn’t ask what the price would be. We just had to have it as it looked great and was exactly the size of our typical wine bar – buffet table.

Hope you like the pictures of our newest tables where you can find #2 and #3 at ENCORE RESALES Consignment Store, Pelham, AL where they are available to you.  And also, we hope you visit the folks at Hardwoods Inc. if you like to do woodworking projects, etc. Hardwoods Inc. has lots of great wood products and the folks there are terrific and always willing to help you find what you need.

Got to go for now. We have 2 wine bar – buffet tables, a coffee table, a matching coffee / end table set, a counter height table to match our recent 3′ x 3′ Man Cave Coffee Table, and a couple of handmade, Made-in-America Farm Tables to build before Christmas.  Actually a few more items …plus adding finishing touches to our new cottage home and shop. Whew….

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