A “Barn Wood Top” FARM TABLE and an “Oak Top” WINE BAR – BUFFET TABLE with 3 Basket Shelf and 8 Bottle Wine Storage Shelf are the most recent tables from Just Fine Tables, Calera, AL.

The Barn Wood Top FARM TABLE is one offering the old rustic sawn plank look most everyone loves. It has been updated to ensure physical integrity and long lasting quality. The table is 31″ x 72″ allowing easy six (6) people seating for your family and friends’ dining enjoyment.

“Barn Wood Top” FARM TABLE-

"Old BARN WOOD Top" FARM TABLE seating 6

The “Distressed Oak Top” WINE BAR – BUFFET TABLE with Basket Shelf has been resurrected as a result of multiple requests from our Made-in-America table friends. The three (3) basket shelf includes 3 large purchased baskets for convenience and are included as part of the wine bar. The standard wine bottle shelf has storage slots for eight (8) bottles and shelving for trays, etc. The Wine Bar – Buffet Table is our most popular size having dimensions 23″ x 60″ and counter height (36″).

“Distressed OAK TOP” WINE BAR – BUFFET Table-

"Distressed OAK TOP" WINE BAR-BUFFET TABLE with 3 Basket Shelf

Note: The “Barn Wood” FARM TABLE and the “Distressed OAK Top” WINE BAR – BUFFET TABLE are consigned at ENCORE RESALES Consignment Store in Pelham, AL. They are also advertised and shown with additional pictures on the Birmingham, AL Craigslist for sale by owner Farm Table, Wine Bar.

Current Spec Projects ( Hand built or Upgraded) Include:
2 FARM TABLES, 1 ‘Saw Horse” Table Desk, 6 Upholstered Chairs, 6 Country Ladder Back Chairs, Child’s Table and Chairs, Custom TV Stand, …not telling.

Current Customer Requested Projects:
2 Custom Kitchen Island Tables, 1 Small Cubbied Bench, 1 Large Rustic FARM TABLE, …not telling.

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