A Handmade in America Kitchen Island Table built to Customer Requests in the Greater Birmingham, AL area was completed, delivered, and set-up in the customer’s home. The Kitchen Island Table was requested to look similar to one shown in a May 2006 article found in Southern Living Magazine.

The interesting part of the story was that the lady desiring the kitchen island came into ENCORE RESALES Consignment and Furniture Store in December 2010 with a torn out page of the Southern Living Magazine article showing the Island style she wanted. When she showed it to the Encore Resales staff, they were all surprised!!

They were all surprised as the Kitchen Island she showed them was already in the store; actually a similar duplicate built by yours truly, Just Fine Tables, from the same article the lady brought in. (( Scroll down or Go to the Kitchen Island Category and you should be able to see the Simi-‘Southern Living Magazine’ Island the Encore Resales staff showed the lady. ))

That was unreal. But it actually happened. AND, now we have this custom built kitchen island to fit in the lady’s kitchen.

3' x 4' Handmade PINE TOP KITCHEN ISLAND with Two Shelves

Note: The Kitchen Island Table top is removable from the base for easy relocation. (For this customer, this was a fantastic feature to deliver and set the island in place.)

This was truly a fun, but time consuming project with the extra shelf with necessary spacing between shelves asked for by the customer. And since, Just Fine Tables does not like to see any connectors or braces or similar support brackets in our hand built, made in America tables, that made it even more difficult….
But, we prevailed! and the customer is very happy which is always a primary goal of Just Fine Tables in our offerings and work.

Should you like or need a Kitchen Island, Farm Table, Coffee Table, or Wine Bar-Buffet Table, please contact Just Fine Tables at: (205) 668-1488; or email at: ….or Visit ENCORE RESALES, and see what we have on display in Booth 47 / 469.

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