WINE BAR BUFFET TABLE To Match Thick Pine Top “Country Chic” FARM TABLE

A Handmade WINE BAR BUFFET Table to match the Handmade Thick Pine Top Rustic FARM TABLE with “Country Chic” Legs and Skirt is nearing completion. And, ..barring no unforeseen situations, the new Wine Bar Buffet table should be enjoyed by its new owner later this week.

WINE BAR - BUFFET TABLE in Construction

WINE BAR - BUFFET TABLE in Construction w/ Baskets

…to match…

Thick Pine Top FARM TABLE w/ "Country Chic" Legs & Skirt with Chairs

As you can see, a little more TLC and Just Fine Tables’ Magic is required to make the match be Made in America. ..Ha, ..You thought I was going to say a match made in heaven, didn’t you?

For reference, the owner of the Farm Table we built and the chairs from ENCORE RESALES is the same person who ordered the Wine Bar Buffet Table to match.

It is always fun to make folks happy…which is a maintained goal of Just Fine Tables.

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