Man Cave COFFEE TABLE Gone; SIDE TABLE Available

MAN CAVE Solid OAK Coffee Table

We had an outstanding response to our offering that we described as a MAN CAVE Coffee Table (which it really was…when you see it below). The Man Cave Coffee Table was Solid Oak and really tough. Absolutely great for a College Dude or the like.

"MAN CAVE" Coffee Table

The Man Cave Table SOLD very soon after it was delivered to Encore Resales. A nice lady purchased it for her college-bound son. (p.s. The party stuff was not shown in the original table ad.)

Custom Stained Wood Top Side / End Table on Metal Base
With the coffee table away from our shop, we moved to help our partner, J’s-“AVE”, upgrade a side table. We removed the old top and constructed one of our custom wood tops on the table’s metal base and VIOLA’, this is what we got:

Custom Stained Top Side / End Table on Metal Base

Open Side of Custom Stained Top Side-End Table w / Storage

You might note that this was originally one piece of a ‘nested table’ unit. Since we only had the one table, we viewed this table as being multi-purposed depending on what the user wants. The pictures show the table viewed from either side. You will note that one way, it is closed and the other way, it is open (i.e. the basket) where you could put a smaller table, a basket as shown, or say a magazine rack.


The Side-End table is available to you at Encore Resales, Pelham, AL.
…unless it has sold already.

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