The Custom ‘Rustic’ Porch Table was Completed and Delivered to its New Owner. The Porch Table will find its final home in the owner’s lake house getaway’s screened porch.
Here is the Rustic Porch Table just before it was loaded into the customer’s truck-



[ FYI 1- I had a couple of comments from the new Porch Table’s owner- 1) He commented that the table was solidly built to last for a long long time when he saw all the lag screws used underneath to hold the top together, and 2) I learned that he had picked up and kept one of my old business cards from two years ago when he was in visiting Encore Resales. ]
( FYI 2- Just Fine Tables does our best to ensure that we not only deliver what the customer wants, but that we do our best to Over Deliver what the customer wants to ensure a happy customer. And, showing your wares like we do at Encore Resales and having business cards available for potential customers to pick up are very good things for one’s business.)

Humm… Speaking of SHOWING OUR WARES…
Here is a picture of our Consignment Show Booth 47 / 469 at Encore Resales-

Just Fine Tables / J's-AVE Consignment Booth

Just Fine Tables / J’s-AVE Consignment Booth

If you are looking at the pictures, you can get a feel that each and every item in our booth has had an affectionate amount of TLC added. Some of our TLC will be in the form of ‘Built from Scratch’ and our other TLC will be in the form of Refinished, Up-Styled, and/or Re-Purposed wants for discerning customers wanting character, uniqueness, and long-term enjoyment in their furniture items.
(Please excuse the mirrored reflection of the guy taking the picture of our consignment booth— luckily he did not break the camera)

p.s. Just Fine Tables is building a matching bench to go with the farm table in the above picture. It will be added to the table with the four (4) black chairs as a complete dining ensemble. The matching bench should be complete by this week.

As You Should Know By Now… We Show Our Offerings at ENCORE RESALES and occasionally you will find them on “Craigslist” under ‘Furniture For Sale – by Dealer’, Birmingham, AL.

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