Handmade Kitchen Island and “Barnwood” Farm Tables

Our First Handmade Kitchen Island for 2014 was completed a few days ago.  Yes, Just Fine Tables finally built a Kitchen Island this year.  We had planned to build one earlier (suggested in a post 3-4 months ago), but a number of custom farm table orders have taken our time and as a this is a business, direct orders take priority over spec items.  However, here it is!


HANDMADE KITCHEN ISLAND (30″ x 48″) w/ Lower Shelf

We currently have this Handmade Kitchen Island available to folks in the Greater Birmingham, AL furniture market at Encore Resales in Pelham, AL (This is the link to Encore’s Website-  http://EncoreResales.com).

NOTE:  Just Fine Tables just updated to WordPress 4.0 and as a result we are having some difficulties with media files and links.  As 4.0 is supposedly a better blog platform, it is not for us until we do some testing (i.e. kick it around, make some mistakes, find out how this really works… you know the drill) before we do a lot of updating of our blog / website.

PLEASE KNOW that we had planned to show you some of our ‘Barnwood’ items made with new wood turned into Old Barnwood (seriously), but with time not on our side and with this new WordPress 4.0 to learn, we’ll hold off for a few days.  In the meantime, enjoy the 1st 2014 Kitchen Island shown above.

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