“SHE DEN” Coffee Table Refurbished and Beefed Up to “MAN CAVE” Status

Just Fine Tables has finished Refurbishing and Beefing Up what had to have been a “SHE DEN” Coffee Table to “MAN CAVE” status. The now “MAN CAVE” COFFEE TABLE is like the one we posted here about 3 weeks ago.

"Man Cave" Coffee Table with Hidden Flip Top Storage and Lower Shelf

However, this newer Man Cave Coffee Table has a Made In America Wooden Slat Bottom Shelf rather than the metal shelf shown above.

(Hey!, there was no bottom shelf with the “She Den” Coffee Table when Just Fine Tables originally found it. We had to do something. We are just guessing that the ?woman? who had the coffee table before kept the metal rung shelf to hang up her …things?)

OK, we know you are wondering why the Refurbished and Beefed Up coffee table has been referred as a “She Den” Coffee Table. Well… when one opens the lid to the hidden compartment, your olfactory nerves will detect a slight, but pleasant perfume aroma. Seriously!

[NOTE: We thought about overpowering the perfume aroma with a Man’s Cologne like BRUT or STETSON, but decided against it. We have found that most ‘MAN CAVE’ items are purchased by women for their man. So with that, we decided to leave any odor modifications to the individual becoming the new owner of the coffee table.]

This Newest “MAN CAVE” Coffee Table with Hidden Compartment Storage and Wooden Slat Shelf arrived at ENCORE RESALES Consignment Store in Pelham, AL this morning. Enjoy!

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